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Rebils® Edition 3-in-1 Workout Mat Set

Rebils® Edition 3-in-1 Workout Mat Set

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3-in-1 Mat Set:

  1. Rebils® MAT  Our TPE yoga mat features a double-layered, anti-slip design for enhanced grip and stability. 183cm Length| 66cm Width |0.8cm Thick.
  1. CLEANING KIT – featuring an orange wood cleaner spray, paired with a thick microfibre cloth.

  2. COTTON CANVAS BAG – durable and portable, with a convenient side pouch for your travel essentials.

Bonus mat strap - Effortlessly carry or store the mat with the versatile strap, ensuring convenient portability or hassle-free packing.

Introducing Rebils® Mat set: Your Solution to Workout Struggles

 Stability & Safety: Enhanced grip and stability of the Rebils® Mat prevent slips and injuries during your workout, ensuring a safer and more confident experience.

 Convenient Hygiene: The cleaning kit simplifies mat maintenance with eco-friendly products, making it easy to keep the mat fresh after each use.

✅  Fitness Gear On-The-Go: Our mat bags and side pouch simplify your fitness routine. Keeping your workout gear organized and accessible.

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